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Beautiful Nuno & Wet felted creations that make you feel beautiful too...

How Choose and Order your scarf

The accessories shown below are examples of what the item will look like regarding the materials, measurements and prices, as most of them are custom made. You can find a more complete selection of completed scarves at our Etsy online store at https://www.etsy.com/shop/FatimasWildRose/ (temporarily closed due to moving overseas - Denmark) we will open it again as son as we are relocated to the USA.  In the meantime you can order emailing us via the link in the website or via our Facebook page where the scarves are updated as soon as they are made.

We appreciate your business.


100% Merino Wool Stole


This luxurious stole is made from 100% wool and will be approximately 56"x20".  You can choose a style from the gallery or choose colors and/or theme and have the artist manufacture it to your design.

100% Merino Wool over Silk Stole


A variation of our 100% Merino Wool Stole this elegant stole has the same high quality merino wool front felted over a silk backing.  As with all of our products it is crafted to your tastes.

100% Merino Wool Shawl


Highlight your outfits with a custom crafted 100% Merino Wool shawl.  These shawls (approximately 60"x12") are crafted to your specification to go with any outfit.

100% Merino Wool over Silk Shawl


This shawl is the same high quality crafted shawl but is cooler than the all wool shawl.  Select your style and colors and we'll custom make it for you!

100% Wool Scarf


These scarves are warm, wear anywhere all wool works of art that measure approximately 50"x10".  Match them to your jacket or outfit for warmth and style!

100% Merino Wool over Silk Scarves


Breeze into Spring with our cool, light wool over silk scarves.  They can be matched to your spring jacket or favorite sweater for a dash of style!

Merino Wool over Silk Beach Tops


These beautiful creations are made to add flair to your trips to the beach or pool! Made from merino wool over silk they are light and airy.  These tops are approximately 30" by 48" and can be made to be ones side most are designed to be reversible to give you flexibility in matching it to your outfits.

Color, Quality Materials and Custom Design - Just for You!